Author Visit Information: 

***Covid-19 Update***


Katey is more than happy to work with you to organize virtual visits, whether to a single classroom, an entire school, a library, community center or club. She is well versed in utilizing recorded video, video call/meeting tools, and Flipgrid to interact with and inspire students and teachers alike! Now scheduling Spring 2021 and the 2021-2022 school year. 


Katey Howes is an author, maker, and mother of three ravenous readers.  She is happy to work with you to tailor visit length, format, and content to address the needs and interests of your organization. Whether it’s a handful or a school full, Katey uses her own books and as well as her knowledge of writing, STEAM topics, autonomy and consent and childhood development to engage and entertain. Her love of children, literature, creativity and language shines in every session. 

  • Rissy No Kissies: Learn about autonomy, boundaries, and consent. Discuss writing techniques including rhyme, repetition and variation.  Share the many ways we show affection. Practice SEL skills. 

  • We Are Makers: Katey's signature theme. Help students build an innovative and creative mindset. Recognize our skills and desires to make, write, and create!

  • Elements of Storytelling: explore setting, plot, character and more.

  • How a Book is Made: from idea to bookshelf.

  • Perfectly Imperfect: appreciating differences and growing from mistakes.

Program Themes:

Format Options:

  • Storytime 

  • Classroom sessions for Pre-K through 6th grades

  • Assemblies for Pre-K through 6th grade

  • Writing workshops for children, teens, or adults

  • Makerspace/STEAM activities

  • Virtual visits (single or series)

Katey is a former physical therapist, scout leader, and camp counselor. Her years of experience in schools, rehab settings, and community outreach/re-entry enable her to adapt programs to serve children and adults of all ages and abilities. She is happy to discuss ways to suit your population’s specific needs.

Thanks to the #LibraryQueen Amy Sue Manley, for bringing me and my books into your classroom!

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