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 Rissy No Kissies  


written by Katey Howes

illustrated by Jess Engle

Carolrhoda Books, March 2021

ISBN: 978-1-5415-9798-3 


Starred Review

"This is an artistic gem for consent discussions, sensory-processing contexts, and anyone who champions children’s agency and bodily autonomy. Radiant."

- Kirkus Reviews

Starred Review

"Howes’s experience with neurodiverse people informs this sprightly rhyming narrative; a refrain (“No kissies!”) and soft watercolor art by Engle reinforce the message that speaking up for one’s bodily agency should always be embraced."

-Publishers Weekly 

"I'm a Consent Educator and I adore this book. 
Consent is not as straight-forward as "yes" and "no."

Navigating body-boundaries means navigating social-emotional interactions empathically, respectfully, and with a sensitivity for individual differences.
With such sweetness and attention to developmental appropriateness, the author shows how consent can look when done well, when done not-so-well, and what it means to respect others' choices and preferences...Such a powerful message of bodily autonomy that I know I wish I had as a child."  

-Sarah Casper, Comprehensive Consent 

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