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Woven of the World

words by Katey Howes

art by Dinara Mirtalipova

Chronicle Kids Books

ISBN: 978-1452178066

Told from the perspective of a young girl learning to weave, Woven of the World is a lyrical meditation on the ancient art of weaving and what this beautiful craft can teach us.

As rhythmic as the swish of a loom, and as vibrant as a skein of brightly dyed wool, this lyrical picture book shares the history and practice of weaving through the centuries and around the world, as imagined by a young weaver learning her craft. Her family's weaving practice helps her feel connected to the past and hopeful for the future. It shows her that each of us is a tapestry: a unique, rich, and beautifully interwoven combination of traits and traditions, with a pattern that is still emerging.

At once a celebration of a time-honored art and a meditation on the ways we are interconnected, this artfully woven narrative gathers the threads of weaving as a technical skill, a cultural tradition, and as a metaphor for how our lives are knit together, into a radiantly intertwined whole.

WEAVING AROUND THE WORLD: The vignettes in this book give just a few glimpses into the world's countless weaving traditions. They highlight milestone moments in history, as well as ongoing, contemporary artistry. From the nomadic Fulani of West Africa to the Coastal Salish of North America, and from Uzbekistan to Peru to Egypt, this lush picture book celebrates eight moments in weaving history around the world.

GORGEOUS READ-ALOUD: This lyrical picture book is written in perfect rhyme, making it a satisfying read-aloud. The lush and eye-catching illustrations are filled with an abundance of decorative detail on every page, making it a rewarding re-read.

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Glowing Reviews for Woven of the World: 

Kirkus Reviews: "An exceptional ode to the music and art of the loom." 

Publisher's Weekly "Paralleling the intricate patterns discussed, Howes’s rhythmically woven verse layers poetry and onomatopoeia. The beauty of decoration and embellishment, the multiplicity of practices, and the way knowledge is passed across generations and cultures are all celebrated in this story “of ties that bind us, one and all,/ no matter where we stand.” 

Shelf Awareness:  "...a splendid mosaic of a picture book, lyrically written by Katey Howes and lushly illustrated by Dinara Mirtalipova. 'I listen, as I'm weaving,/ to the rhythm of the loom,' Howes writes. 'I imagine skeins of history/ unfurled across the room.' She adroitly intertwines into her rhyming verses stories of 'warm tradition' that cross borders and span years."

School Library Journal: "A wonderful introduction to the variety of weaving traditions, this title would be an ideal way to begin a unit on fiber arts in a classroom, or for readers to examine their own cultural backgrounds to explore their unique origins."

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